X-woven drop stitch combined with the latest welded fusion technology is the most advanced Inflatable SUP material technology innovation. Suzhou Beetles Outdoor Co., Ltd is the manufacturer of the ISUP with the most up-to-date material.

The X-woven drop stitch material result in the LIGHTEST but also the STIFFEST and Best Quality paddle boards on the market today. By X-cross woven internal polyester threads drop stitch at varying angles between top and bottom internal layers, it has dramatically increased the strength of the board over the normal straght linear drop stitch. The pattern creates the strongest possible latitudinal and longitudinal stability, in the same way as cross-beams act on a bridge.

– 20% lighter than any Fusion Welded board
– Stiffer than Fusion Welded boards
– Smooth and durable surface finish which translates to a much improved glide on glassy water