The popularity of inflatable boats has been rising consistently over the past few years. Nowadays you will find that fishing boats, sports boats, dinghies, and tender are mostly inflatable. So why are people really going for inflatable boats rather than traditional hard boats?

Let’s look at some of the advantages of inflatable tender boats provided by one of the leading China Inflatable tender boat manufacturers, and try to answer this question.

It’s Highly Floatable:

On an inflatable boat, the buoyance is delivered by the hull and inflatable chambers. So, under normal loads, even when the hull is filled with water, the inflatable tender boat still remains floating on the water, because most of the buoyance is exerted by the air chambers.

Triple Security

Usually, the tube in an inflatable tender boat consists of three different independent air chambers. This means, even if one of the chambers gets damage or breaks off, the remaining two would still be able to manage to keep the boat floating.


The air-filled tubes which surround the sides of the hull, increase the width of the boat, enabling the boat to remain stable and go smoother even on high-speed cruising.

Good Loading Capacity

As compared to a traditional hard tender boat, the inflatable boat offers more loading capacity. For instance, a 270cm-long inflatable tender boat can hold up to three adults while a traditional hard tender boat can hold only one or two.

Light and Easy to Carry Around

Inflatable tender boats are light-weighted making it easy to carry around. They can be inflated and put behind the back-storage area of the car or on small onboard storage space while traveling.

Since the inflatable tender boats have so many advantages, it’s no surprise why people choose them to have a fun time on the water. If you are interested to order your own sets of inflatable tender boats, why not contact one of the leading China Inflatable tender boat manufacturers to get supreme quality inflatable tender boats.

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