inflatable tender boat

Inflatable tender boats are usually used for rescue or patrolling purposes because of the speed in which you can use them and convenience in terms of size and maintenance. They are also often used as lifeboats on bigger ships or in public places to carry out a quick rescue or immediately load up a passenger who has to get off-board mid-travel.

Efficient and handy, these boats can be challenging to pick and choose while purchasing. A normal buyer would find it a tad difficult to figure out what he’s supposed to be looking out for while buying one.

Here are three essential factors any purchaser would have to consider before buying an inflatable tender boat.


1. Your Purpose

Before going to the kind of features or cost, you must understand what exact need or purpose you’re hoping it will satisfy. If you’re hoping to use it for emergency purposes, it’s vital to consider what kind of weather conditions you will most probably be facing. This determines the sturdiness of the boat you’re hoping to purchase. Not all inflatable tenders do well during extreme weather – they’re easily prone to damage and might not be suitable for long-term travel or use.

2. Cost and Sustainability

Two common types of inflatable boats are those made of PVC and those made of a Hypalon material. The former is more useful for short distances, is lightweight and relatively more affordable. It can be bought in larger numbers for emergency purposes. However, because of its low endurance levels, PVC is often replaced by Hypalon variants for heavy use. Hypalon boats are sturdier and are manufactured for the very purpose of fulfilling heavy-duty tasks.

3. Accessories

Depending on how you expect to use it, look for features that will aid you suitably. Purchasing a boat with wheels might make it easier for you to use the boat while at land. Basic features like oars, a pump to inflate it, proper sears, and a repair kit in case of an emergency should also be checked once. Having several air chambers ensures that the boat is safe and secure. Choosing something like an air deck might be a fairly important decision you’ll have to make. An air deck is lighter and usually for less intensive purposes while a hard deck is for heavier use.

Final Word

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