Float Platform

You’ve probably noticed an Airtrack Mat in several parks or kid’s playhouses, being used for gymnastics, sports, and other similar activities. While Airtrack mats are used for such recreational purposes, they are also used as tumbling mats for ships and other bodies at sea as a safety measure.

If you’re someone looking for the soft landing and security that an AirTrack Mat aims to provide, you must buy one that caters mainly to your needs. Purchasing the best one for your purpose will help you make the most of your purchase while letting you use it for the long term.

Here are five tricks you can use to get a mat that is most suitable for you.


1. Choose a Size Specific to Your Purpose

Once you’ve determined what you’re going to be using the mat for, make sure you buy one of the appropriate sizes. Due to its versatility and various uses, Airtrack mats are available in different sizes. They can range from 2 ft to about 39 ft in height and about 4-8 ft in width. While the smaller rugs are used for individual purposes like yoga or sports, the bigger ones are used for heavier industrial needs.

2. Be selective About your Material

While all Airtrack mats primarily function as safety measures, they are usually made using a range of waterproof materials like PVC, Polyester, or Rail Tape, which is again a variation of PVC. All three of these hold the mat together and form its physical shape. Be sure to check the quality of these materials and whether they satisfy the kind of sturdiness or thickness required for your use. You must select the best China Airtrack mat factory for the best material.

3. Look for Specific Features you May Need

You may sometimes need specific features like connector straps or handles. Ask the seller or manufacturer if these features are available and check the body for those essential needs. Some mats have a UV Coating to protect them for the heat of the sun. These are usually mats designed for outdoor purposes.

4. Have a Fixed Budget in Mind Before you Head Out? 

Like size or purpose, Airtrack mats are available in different price ranges. Right from inexpensive, lightweight mats to heavier costlier options, buyers get to choose from several types of mats, based on price. After deciding the size and features to suit your specific purpose, try to fix a budget range before deciding on a retailer or manufacturer and look for one that offers a varied list of prices.

Final Verdict

A China Airtrack mat factory, Beetles Outdoor, is a renowned manufacturer of these products for outdoor use and security at sea. If you’re looking for a broad variety of products, known for their resilience and high-quality, Beetles Outdoor is the place for you.