Double Chamber ISUP

Inflatable Stand up Paddle Board or ISUP boards are all-rounder. Because of its durability, portability, and versatility, the ISUP boards allow users to use them for different purposes.

As you scour the internet you are going to come across a slew of boards ranging in length, widths, colors, and thickness. The vast availability of choice can make finding the right ISUP board overwhelming. It can be difficult to identify the real specification and get the ideas of the product you want to choose.

Generally, when it comes to ISUP boards, there are two types of ISUP boards: a single chamber ISUP and a double chamber ISUP. Both of these ISUP boards have their own advantages. Here are two important factors to consider when choosing between single and double chamber ISUP boards.

1. Based on Materials

The material used to build the ISUP will have a great impact on the performance of boards.

Single Chamber ISUP:

The single ISUP boards are made up of light-weight materials. Since they are lightweight, they are easier to handle on flat water and easier to transport.

Double Chamber ISUP:

The Double-Chamber ISUP manufacturer in China is made of much stronger materials, making them more rigid and durable compared to single-chamber ISUPs.

 2. Air Chamber


Single Chamber ISUP:

The majority of ISUPs are made with a single air chamber. The single-chamber ISUP can perform well when in tandem with standard DW fabrics.

Double Chamber ISUP:

The double chamber ISUPs are built with an internal and external air chamber. Each of the chambers has its own pressure retention valves and DWF laminates and work to reduce air displacement, increasing stability and rigidity of the board and thereby reducing bowing in the board. In case one chamber gets punctured or damaged, the second chamber will still be capable of retaining enough air to keep the board on the water.

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