Inflatable Boat

Anyone who has a love for water will absolutely need some sort of transportation on the water. Whether it’s for finding a new beach, kayaking, fishing, or adding a tender boat to a larger boat, Beetles Outdoor, one of the leading China inflatable tender boat manufacturers, can provide all-used quality inflatable tender boats for the best experience on the water.

Inflatable tender boats are a great choice, both in terms of usage and economy. They cost much less than other traditional fiberglass or wooden boats and are portable and easy to maintain. You can find several types of inflatable boats, with different designs and features built for different purposes.

One common way to differentiate inflatable tender boats from one another is by examining the floor material used in the boat. Below we will discuss three popular types of floor materials to help distinguish different types of inflatable tender boats.

Roll-Up Floor

For the first type of floor material, let’s discuss the most basic type- the roll-up floor, also known as slat floor inflatables. Roll-up floor inflatable boats come in a range of different quality, sizes, and materials. Most time you will not find keel on roll-up floor inflatable boats. They are less expensive than most of the other types of inflatable boats and are lightweight and convenient for storage.

Roll up floor boats are a good choice for short, ship to shore tours. However, they are not convenient for long voyages. The roll-up floors comprise of a raw of lateral slats with small gaps in between. This structure can make the floor vulnerable to damage and make it hard for passengers to easily move around.

Air Floor

Another type of floor that has recently increased in popularity is the air floors. The development of drop stitch fabrics has allowed China Inflatable tender boat manufacturers to improve the performance of air floor inflatables. Drop stitch floors offer quality, portability, and durability all in one package. They are designed to hold high-pressures, making air floors almost as firm as hard floors. In addition, air floors are very lightweight, making them extremely portable when transporting and are easy to store them away in tide spaces. Air floor inflatable tender boats also perform excellently in the water.

Get The Best Inflatable Tender Boats

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