Air track mat is rising in popularity in recent times. Because Air track mats are not only affordable but are durable and compact, they have been popularly used at home, in studios, and in martial arts gym.

Whether for professionals or beginner gymnasts, the leading Air track mat factory in China, Beetle Outdoor, has top quality air track mats for all gymnastic lovers. Air track mats can be used for outdoor or indoor purposes. They are also great for doing yoga and other activities in the water. If you are interested in getting an air track mat it is crucial that you choose the one that is made of the best possible materials and fits your requirement.

Some key points to consider are:

Material- Are the air track mat durable and washable?

Contraction- Does the air track mat comes with reinforced stitching?

The Thickness- Does the air track mat comes with the right thickness that fits your requirement?

While the first two points are quite easy to determine, the third point, the thickness is quite a tricky part. The right thickness of the air track mat will depend on the user’s particular skill level and the way in which the mat is used.

The average thickness for the air track mat at home is usually 10 centimeters. The thickness can be an increase or decrease a little depending on how the mat feels and how you want it.

You can go for a thicker mat that is around 20 cm to 30 cm if you looking for a mat that provides higher jumps, softer take-off, softer landings, and less bodily impact. On the other hand, a thinner mat that is 10 cm or 20 cm, is a great choice if you looking for a mat that provides higher stability, quicker rebound, and requires extra air pressure so as to prevent hitting the bottom of it.

Another factor to consider while choosing the thickness of the air mat is your skill level. If you are experienced users and are used to practicing in an air mat, perhaps you will like a mat with more thickness. The thicker mat provides users with more play space and higher pressures to execute a better technical bounce. Beginners can go for a thinner mat for slow but steady bouncing under minimal pressure.

If you are interested in learning more about the right thickness of the air track mat and getting the best quality air track mat, then you should definitely contact Beetle Outdoor, the leading air track mat factory in China. We guarantee to provide the most supreme quality.