Finding a perfect air track mat is a dream of every gymnastic enthusiast or even professionals. The air track mats are suitable for gymnastics and can be great for sports like martial arts. Only the top-quality air track mats should be bought to prevent injuries and practice your indoor or outdoor skills both indoors or outdoors. You must make sure that you get an air track mat that is easy to carry around, is durable with good seams, and can be stored or folded when not in use.

Some key factors to consider while buying air track mats are given below.

● Material

The material used to make the air track mats must be of top-notch quality. PVC plastic or Tarpaulin are comparatively stronger and durable than any other material. Also, the material should be soft and skid-proof to avoid injuries. Mats should also rail tapes present to provide support to the outer seams.

The air track mats come in different sizes but are generally 3 ft. wide and 4-8 inches deep. You should pick a mat with a size according to the space available for you to practice. Also, the size varies according to the type of sport. For instance, for yoga, an air track mat of 5 ft. would be enough, whereas you may need a different one for tumbling.

● Orientation markings

The markings to indicate that you stay centered should be made on the mat. This orientation line should go down from the length of the entire mat. Sometimes, a shorter line is also marked in the center across the mat to indicate the halfway point.

● Thickness

Considering the inflatable air track mat’s thickness is necessary to ensure it provides enough cushioning to you while performing any sport. The thickness can be decided completely by the users depending upon their skills and requirements. A very thin mat would not provide enough protection, while a very thick one will sink in when you land on it. You must choose a mat that helps you perform best.

By keeping the factors mentioned above in mind, you can easily find a perfect air track mat to carry out your activities. Beetles Outdoor is one of the best and leading China airtrack mat factory that provides a wide range of air track mats, inflatable SUP, tender boats, and other boating gears to choose from so you get maximum protection and comfort while playing your favorite sports.