During our fitness regimes, a good quality air track mat provides a great experience and enables us to perform our gymnastic movements efficiently. There are plenty of China Airtrack mat factory to make air track products. Therefore, there are several different types and qualities of air tracks in the market. But, one must be careful as many forged products are sold as good quality products to customers.

Air track products are widely used in dance clubs, gyms, performance training and can even be used on the water in summers. Gymnasts use their air track mat to hone basic tumblings like walkovers, handstands, and even cartwheels.

Here are some of the essential features of an air track mat to consider in your factory of choice to know whether that is the right one for you:

  • Dimensions

Before buying an air track, you have to ponder where you will utilize it. You want to ensure it is huge enough for an athlete to rehearse on. Since air track mats are offered in a wide range of dimensions choosing the one that fits your requirements should not be a problem. Air track mats can be anywhere from 2 ft to about 39 ft in height and about 4-8 ft in width.

  • Thickness

An air track that is too delicate won’t give the padding and protection you want if you fall while practicing on it. Likewise, if the air track is too thick, you will be unable to rehearse your moves because the hands or feet will sink into the air track mat.

  • Softness & Surface

Gymnastics includes a lot of running and bouncing; thus, you will want to make sure that it is made of good quality and is not too soft or too hard, which can cause serious damage. Because most airtrack mats mainly function as safety measures, they are generally made using waterproof materials like Polyester or PVC, which hold the mat together and form its physical shape.

  • Body type of the user

It is vital to consider your height and weight while choosing the appropriate air track mat. The length of the hands and feet are critical factors that can affect the landing.

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