There is a whole variety of china air track mat factory options you could choose from. And if that wasn’t enough, each factory manufactures mats in a ton of shapes and sizes.

Moreover, whether you are shopping online or otherwise, the kind of mat you may need depends on how frequently you use it, the kind of regime you practice, and how intense your routine is. So, how can you find your soulmate amongst a whole array of China AirTrack mats?

Your AirTrack Cheat Sheet

  1. Thickness

The thicker your mat, the bouncier it is, which, in turn, would improve your tumbling skills. Also, thicker mats last you longer. If the mat is too thin, certain poses can be hard on your knees and joints. Therefore, typically, your choices in thickness would be between 8-12 inches. A good durable mat will have a thickness of 10 inches or more.

8-inch mats, also referred to as P2 or 20 cm or Zephyr 8, are useful for flipping, bounding, or tumbling training.

  1. Size

Inflatable AirTrack gym mats come in 3m, 4m, 5m, 6m, 8m, 10m, and 15m. Selecting the right mat size depends on two major factors — first, how tall you are, and second, how much padding you want. So, you need to choose a mat according to your body type.

  1. Quality

AirTrack mats are delicate products that require quality material and quality craftsmanship. Choosing a high-quality mat can accommodate long hours of use when you work out at medium intensity.

A good mat doesn’t lose its grip even if it is wet. This depends on the quality of Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) used while making the mat. Moreover, mats made out of good grade EVA are recyclable, thus creating a positive impact on our environment.

Also, it’s best to choose a moisture-resistant mat so that you don’t end up having a rigorous cleaning session after a more rigorous workout regime.

Selecting the wrong product may cause accidents. Therefore, it’s your responsibility as a consumer to look into every manufacturer, reseller, and e-commerce site, so that you can make an educated and informed decision.

You can also look for extra features like handles for easy carrying or a non-skid texture to help you slip.

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