Whether it is a gymnast, a long jumper, or used by children for fun, an air track mat is a thing to go for. Gymnasts  and long jumpers use it during practice sessions as a safety pad on the floor. Children love these mats and play with them for fun due to their bouncing capacity and safe manufacturing. Air track mats are also very helpful in the medical field as they can act as soft mattresses for patients. To get the best mats, one needs to choose the best China air track mat factory.

What is an air track mat?

Air track mats are inflatable mattresses that are quite famous among the young generation and gymnasts and sports enthusiasts. Many people have resorted to working out at home in the pandemic, and air mats have become the best option for them. Some more advantages of air mats are:-

  1. They offer proper bounce, support, and rebound height to the athletes or gymnastics.
  2. They are much safer and guarantee less risk of injury to the user.
  3. They inflate and deflate very fast and are easy to prepare and use.
  4. After deflation, they can be stored in very small places.
  5. These mats are multi-utility.

How do factories produce these mats?

Air tracks need to be made from a durable and resilient material to provide full support for practising jumps, flips, and somersaults. Military-grade PVC polyester is used in manufacturing due to its high tensile strength. Special stitching techniques using a PVC polyester thread is used to stitch the top and bottom of the mat that increases its durability to a great extent.

This technology provides the necessary sturdiness and stability of air tracks exposed to high pressure and pounding from the practising athletes. Although air tracks are made of robust, high-quality material, they are not undestroyable. These mats are very sensitive to heat and sharp objects so it is advisable to use them with caution.

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