Double-chamber inflatable standup paddleboards (ISUPs) have easily become the most popular models of paddleboards. They can be stored in compact spaces, and the double chambers provide extra rigidity than the single chamber ISUPs. This is why many double-chamber ISUP manufacturers in China are starting to diversify their products. To help you select the perfect double-chamber ISUP, we have created the list of top 5 things you should look at when selecting a double-chamber ISUP.

Things to consider when purchasing ISUP

  • Hull shape:

There are two primary hull shapes available: displacement and planing hull. The displacement hull has a pointed V-shaped end on one side, making the ISUP more efficient when paddleboarding. In contrast, the planing hull has a U-shaped end on one side, making the ISUP a little more difficult to manoeuvre. Therefore, if you are a beginner, we recommend the displacement hull.

  • Length:

Any double-chamber ISUP manufacturer in China makes ISUPs in three sizes: short (less than 10 feet), medium (10 to 12 feet) and long (over 12 feet). Short ISUPs are generally ideal for children, and medium ISUPs are ideal for short rides, teenagers, or simple exercises like water yoga. Long ISUPs are ideal for adults who want to paddleboard.

  • Width:

The width of the ISUP depends entirely on your height, weight and flexibility. Furthermore, your body type should also be considered when purchasing an ISUP. Different body types require different widths to accommodate the length and width of the body. If the standard size does not fit you, you can ask a double-chamber ISUP manufacturer in China to customise a product for you.

  • Material:

A wide range of materials has been used to manufacture ISUPs. Furthermore, manufacturers also create multiple models with different thicknesses of the same material to increase the material’s rigidity. Unfortunately, there is no ideal material for an ISUP. Instead, it is recommended to look for materials that are a comfortable fit for you.

  • Fin system:

Many ISUPs have permanent or removable fins. The primary difference between the two is the space they take up in your storage. Both function in the same manner. Therefore, the selection is based on personal preference.

These are the top five things to consider when purchasing an ISUP. There are many models and versions available to choose from. However, if you don’t know where to start, you can start by looking at a reliable ISUP manufacturer. Beetles Outdoor is a double-chamber ISUP manufacturer in China that manufactures high-quality ISUPs. You can find more information about their products on their website.