Wing foiling, also known as wing surfing, is a new game in the market. The entire watersports world is enjoying this game and pumping adrenaline. It is one game with surfing, kitesurfing, windsurfing, and foil.

Sounds fun, right! If you are someone who wants to try out wing surfing, then getting your hands on the right equipment is important. We have curated a blog that gives you an idea about all the things you want to look for in a wing foil board.

Before we get started, the wing equipment can be classified into three parts:

  • The board
  • The wing and
  • The foil

The Board

So, if you are trying out this sport for the first time, then you are advised to pick a wing foil board manufacturer in china that is stable and floaty. You should be able to stand on the board, so it is always advised to go for one 30-40 liters more than your weight.

This means if you are weighing 60 kgs, the board should weigh 100 kgs. When you have a bigger board, it is easy to float, and you will be able to learn how to control the board. Once you get accustomed to this, you can slowly shift to a smaller board and enjoy the sport.

The Wing

For a beginner, it is advisable to use only one wing. Generally, the wing size should be 4 meters for a person who weighs around 70 kilograms. According to the weight, the wing size can be increased to 6.4 meters.

These wings can come in two types- soft handles with which you will be holding the wing or a hard broom which will be attached to the wing, and you will hold it. Both wings have pros and cons, so choose the one that will fit you.

The Foil

The foil will have a fuselage, mast, and wings. You have to pick a foil that is quite stable and offers good glides. When you opt for a taller mast, you can easily glide over the choppy water. The mast must be 70 centimeters or above. Go for foil wings that allow a speed of 10-12 kms per hour.

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