inflatable tender boat

The Only Inflatable Tender Boat You'll Ever Need!

So you are a water lover, a recreational enthusiast who loves spending time in the ocean. And now you have got to know about inflatable boats, the perfect solution for your oceanic dreams. Assuming you have searched for every variation and because…
inflatable tender boat

Why Inflatable Boats Are The Best For Recreational Activity?

Do you love the sea? Are you into water-based sports and recreational activities? If yes, then you should definitely consider investing in an inflatable boat. Inflatable boats are lightweight boats constructed utilizing flexible tubes comprising…
inflatable tender boat

Top Leading Air Track Mat Factory In China

Step into the world of boating industry products manufactured by Beetles Outdoor, which is an expert producer of Inflatable Stand Up Paddle (ISUP); Inflatable Boat (Tender); Inflatable Kayak and related items like Float pad; Dry Bag. Our…
inflatable tender boat

Get The First-Ever SUP Board At SUP Board Manufacturers In China

To a random observer, all SUP boards look alike. But in fact, there is much more in paddleboards than one can see with a bare eye, and they differ greatly in aspects of their size, shape, weight, and building materials. It is significant…
New Technology of ISUP

What are the latest SUP Boards Available in China?

Want more glide? Cover more distance and catch more waves with greater ease? Perhaps you are looking for top-performing SUP boards that allow making the most of the time when on the water. At Beetle Outdoors, we offer a wide selection of…

How To Choose The Right Thickness Of The Air Track Mat Before Buying?

Air track mat is rising in popularity in recent times. Because Air track mats are not only affordable but are durable and compact, they have been popularly used at home, in studios, and in martial arts gym. Whether for professionals or beginner…
Inflatable Boat

Different Type of Inflatable Tender Boats

Anyone who has a love for water will absolutely need some sort of transportation on the water. Whether it’s for finding a new beach, kayaking, fishing, or adding a tender boat to a larger boat, Beetles Outdoor, one of the leading China inflatable…
Inflatable Boat Tender

Hardshell or Inflatable Kayak Which is Best?

With so many kayak models available such as hardshell, inflatable, tandem, solo, recreational, tandem, fishing, etc. it can be hard to decide on which kayak boat type is the best. Earlier, hardshell kayaks were the number one choice, but now…
Double Chamber ISUP

How To Choose Between A Single and Double Chamber ISUP Boards?

Inflatable Stand up Paddle Board or ISUP boards are all-rounder. Because of its durability, portability, and versatility, the ISUP boards allow users to use them for different purposes. As you scour the internet you are going to come across…
inflatable tender boat

Do You Know Which Material is Used for Making an Inflatable Floating Dock Mat?

An inflatable floating dock mat is the next best thing to have one’s own mini personal island for absolute fun on the water. Beetles Outdoor, one of leading China floating dock island mat manufacturers, offers an inflatable floating dock mat…

We are clearly aware of that “A chain is only as strong as its weakest link” Each single point of the procedures is most important to build a perfect products. How to avoid the Deckpack problems of  peel off、bump up? We have 2 procedures to ensure the perfect attachment of deck pad. *Glue the EVA […]

Double Chamber SUP is the innovation of 2019 serials boards. What are the advantages of the Double Chamber ISUP? It increases the safety of the board. It increase the stiffness of the board.

Beetles Outdoor takes Quality as the most importance, it is the thing we repy on to survive. What are the actions/steps we take during the production procedures to control the quality? We have to PQC to control the quality after each step. Below is a simple instructions on what are the Tests/Items we check during […]

Double Chamber ISUP increases the safety and rigidity of the board. Each chamber provides about 50% buoyancy of the board, which ensures the safety of the rider when Anything happens on water. The second chamber acts like a surrounded and double side wall I-beam structure, which increases the stiffness significantly.  

The Inflatable Stand Up Paddle is made of Drop Stitch Material. But what is Drop Stitch Material? Drop Stitch fabric is a 3D material which has numerous threads between the two base cloths. Once get inflated, the threads inside will stand up to hold the base fabrics that can be infalted to rock-hard rigidility. You […]

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