inflatable floating platforms

Buy Floating Dock Island Mat from China’s Best Manufacturers

Floating dock island mats are designed to use in open water bodies. It is a floating platform that has an abundance of uses. They are used for commercial and industrial applications, including the food and beverage industry, entertainment, construction,…
Inflatable Tender Boats

Buy Inflatable Tender Boats from China’s Best Manufacturers

The wave of water-based activities made inflatable tender boats more popular in China. These boats are commonly used as lifeboats or for creative activities purposes. Inflatable tender boats are modernized with updated features. So they are…

Float With Kayak Boat

If you've seen people kayaking and thought it looked fun, you should try it for yourself. That'll make it even more fun. But where should you begin when you have so many options? Thanks to dramatic technological developments in recent years,…

The Market Is Full Of Hassle, Choose Best Kayak to Paddle

With a variety of new ways to get on the water, paddling is gradually becoming more popular and attracting more adventurers. It might be one of the best things you do for yourself at a lakeside is to own a packable kayak. Choosing an inflatable…

Find The Perfect Floating Dock Island Mat For Your Vacations!

A perfect vacation means that everything you do, buy, or receive during the holiday should be perfect. The hotel you stay at should be perfect, the places you visit should be perfect, and the fun you have during the vacation should be perfect! If…

All About Inflatable Tender Boats

Have you ever heard of inflatable boats? Well, they are small, lightweight boats made of flexible tubes filled with compressed gas. These boats are ideal for transporting people in an emergency or for maneuvering over short distances. Inflatable…

Airtrack Mat: The New Age Mat

An airtrack mat is usually used indoors for practicing gymnastics at home. Due to their complex building and internal pressure, airtrack mats have almost the same degree of recovery as a spring floor. Advantages There are two significant…

How to Choose the Right SUP Board?

Stand-up paddleboarding is emerging as one of the fastest-growing sports in the world for many reasons. Not only is it exciting and rejuvenating, but paddleboarding also doubles up as a great workout. The close connection with nature is another…

How To Find the Best Air Tumbling Track Mat?

There is a whole variety of china air track mat factory options you could choose from. And if that wasn't enough, each factory manufactures mats in a ton of shapes and sizes. Moreover, whether you are shopping online or otherwise, the kind…

Getting A China Airtrack Mat: Things To Keep In Mind

During our fitness regimes, a good quality air track mat provides a great experience and enables us to perform our gymnastic movements efficiently. There are plenty of China Airtrack mat factory to make air track products. Therefore, there are…
Inflatable Boat Tender

While owning a boat can be a huge investment for most people, inflatable tender boats are becoming an excellent and cost-effective option for most enthusiasts who love to go out and have some adventure out in the water. You can get fully customized inflatable tender boats from one of China’s top leading inflatable tender boat […]

During the period of home quarantine,  people have less options for sports. Airtrack brings the convenience for gym/tumbling/martial arts etc… Airtracks are inflatable tumbling tracks that combine the characteristics of a trampoline, spring floor and foam tumbling mat. The adjustable pressure makes our Airtracks very versatile. A lower pressure let the product feel like a trampoline. […]

When there is a valve defective, how to change it? I believe below video will help you to find out. The key point is Do not stuck any drop strings to the valve when you put on a new one.

We are clearly aware of that “A chain is only as strong as its weakest link” Each single point of the procedures is most important to build a perfect products. How to avoid the Deckpack problems of  peel off、bump up? We have 2 procedures to ensure the perfect attachment of deck pad. *Glue the EVA […]

Double Chamber SUP is the innovation of 2019 serials boards. What are the advantages of the Double Chamber ISUP? It increases the safety of the board. It increase the stiffness of the board.

Beetles Outdoor takes Quality as the most importance, it is the thing we repy on to survive. What are the actions/steps we take during the production procedures to control the quality? We have to PQC to control the quality after each step. Below is a simple instructions on what are the Tests/Items we check during […]

Double Chamber ISUP increases the safety and rigidity of the board. Each chamber provides about 50% buoyancy of the board, which ensures the safety of the rider when Anything happens on water. The second chamber acts like a surrounded and double side wall I-beam structure, which increases the stiffness significantly.  

The Inflatable Stand Up Paddle is made of Drop Stitch Material. But what is Drop Stitch Material? Drop Stitch fabric is a 3D material which has numerous threads between the two base cloths. Once get inflated, the threads inside will stand up to hold the base fabrics that can be infalted to rock-hard rigidility. You […]

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