Inflatable SPA Hot Tub

As the name implies, inflatable hot tubs are soft-sided, portable blown-up tubes filled with heated water. Great for relaxing or soothing sore muscles. They can be set up nearly everywhere---Outdoors and Indoors; and they can be packed up easily…

Inflatable Kayaks

Discover the world of inflatable kayaks and why they're an amazing option for all kinds of boaters. From portability to durability, we'll explore everything you need to know. The Benefits of Inflatable kayaks Portability: Easily transport…

Differences Between Hardshell Kayaks and Inflatable Kayaks

When you think of a kayak, a pointy plastic form with a hole in the middle may come to mind. Hardshell kayaks are made from wood, fiberglass, plastic, or composite materials like Kevlar, which forms the body of these rigid boats. These "regular"…

Explore the World of Water Sports with Inflatable Wing foil board

Inflatable wing foil board has been gaining popularity in recent years . With the growing demand for outdoor sports and recreational activities, the market outlook for inflatable wing foil board is promising. Market Size: Currently, the…
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A key factor ensures the glue performance of Inflatable paddle board

Beetles Outdoor as a professional manufacturer of Inflatable products. In our experience of manufacturing,   the temperature and humidity is very critical in making sure the glue performance. The workshop temperature around 20 to 25 degree…

Why is foil surfing popular?

As a surfer, you do not have the luxury of surfing sound waves every day. There are weeks of flatness, as well as periods when there is no wind. The best thing about inflatable foil board helps to lift you out of the water and reduces all…

Invest In the Best Inflatable Tender Boat to Sail Smoothly

With water-based recreational activities gaining popularity among the masses, inflatable boats are becoming the most popular small crafts for recreational and life-saving reasons. An inflatable boat is a small open boat powered by oars, motors,…
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What Inflatable kayaks Have to Offer to a Sportsperson's Life?

Inflatable kayaks offer a perfect solution for a sportsman who lacks the storage space for a traditional hard-shell kayak. Light, safe, and stable, inflatable kayaks are a strong and sturdy combination of a traditional kayak and an inflatable…
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Reasons To Buy an Inflatable Kayak

Are you a sucker for outdoor adventures? Want to escape the monotonous routine, but you don't know how? For me, Lao Tzu has taught me to go with the flow, not only in philosophy but also in real life. Research shows how outdoor activities near…
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Find Everything You Need for A Wing Foil Board Here!

The wing foil Board is slowly growing in popularity across China. A surfboard with an attached hydrofoil (or fin with wings) that extends below the water is referred to as a foil board. The design makes the board lift out of the water as it…
Inflatable Dock Mat

The latest and most fun product to evolve from inflatable boards is the inflatable dock mat. Whether taken out in the lake or pool, the inflatable dock mat, provided by leading inflatable dock mat manufacturer in China, is the perfect addition to experience the most fun day on the water. It’s affordable, durable, easy to […]

Inflatable Boat Tender

While owning a boat can be a huge investment for most people, inflatable tender boats are becoming an excellent and cost-effective option for most enthusiasts who love to go out and have some adventure out in the water. You can get fully customized inflatable tender boats from one of China’s top leading inflatable tender boat […]

During the period of home quarantine,  people have less options for sports. Airtrack brings the convenience for gym/tumbling/martial arts etc… Airtracks are inflatable tumbling tracks that combine the characteristics of a trampoline, spring floor and foam tumbling mat. The adjustable pressure makes our Airtracks very versatile. A lower pressure let the product feel like a trampoline. […]

When there is a valve defective, how to change it? I believe below video will help you to find out. The key point is Do not stuck any drop strings to the valve when you put on a new one.

We are clearly aware of that “A chain is only as strong as its weakest link” Each single point of the procedures is most important to build a perfect products. How to avoid the Deckpack problems of  peel off、bump up? We have 2 procedures to ensure the perfect attachment of deck pad. *Glue the EVA […]

Double Chamber SUP is the innovation of 2019 serials boards. What are the advantages of the Double Chamber ISUP? It increases the safety of the board. It increase the stiffness of the board.

Beetles Outdoor takes Quality as the most importance, it is the thing we repy on to survive. What are the actions/steps we take during the production procedures to control the quality? We have to PQC to control the quality after each step. Below is a simple instructions on what are the Tests/Items we check during […]

Double Chamber ISUP increases the safety and rigidity of the board. Each chamber provides about 50% buoyancy of the board, which ensures the safety of the rider when Anything happens on water. The second chamber acts like a surrounded and double side wall I-beam structure, which increases the stiffness significantly.  

The Inflatable Stand Up Paddle is made of Drop Stitch Material. But what is Drop Stitch Material? Drop Stitch fabric is a 3D material which has numerous threads between the two base cloths. Once get inflated, the threads inside will stand up to hold the base fabrics that can be infalted to rock-hard rigidility. You […]

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