The latest and most fun product to evolve from inflatable boards is the inflatable dock mat. Whether taken out in the lake or pool, the inflatable dock mat, provided by leading inflatable dock mat manufacturer in China, is the perfect addition to experience the most fun day on the water.

It’s affordable, durable, easy to handle, and requires very little maintenance. All these advantages make inflatable dock mat an excellent choice to relax or enjoy recreational activities on the water.

Goof Around With No Fear of Slipping Off into the Water.

The inflatable dock mat is designed to remain rigid and maintain balance on the water. It won’t flip, bend, or submerge into the water. Users can stand, climb, jump, and play on it all day long with no fear of it sinking or deflating.

Suitable for Many Fun Activities.

Inflatable dock mat could perhaps be the most versatile inflatable product. It’s extremely simple and incredibly functional. Inflatable dock mat applications are practically endless, it can be used for floating on a river, lakes, pool, and many more. The inflatable dock mat comes in multiple sizes to fit any river, lakes, or imagination. Whether for enjoying an afternoon of aquatic activities or looking to practice the art of Zen-floating, the inflatable dock mat is just the best choice.

Easy Storage

No matter for what reasons inflatable dock mat was bought or how it is used, one thing is for sure, finding a place to store inflatable dock mat will never be a problem. After used, the inflatable dock mat can be easily deflated and stored in a compact space for the next day or season.

Getting a Quality Inflatable Dock Mat is Much Easier.

The many advantages of inflatable dock mat have made it quite popular for many surfers and those who love to have fun in the water. Whether you looking to purchase quality inflatable dock mat in a bag of six or in dozen or more, top leading inflatable dock mat manufacturer in China– Beetles Outdoor can provide. What makes this manufacturing company the best choice is the customizable option that it offers. You can share your requirements in the inflatable dock mat- in features, size, shapes, materials, and designs. The company will customize and deliver inflatable dock mats as per your orders.

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While owning a boat can be a huge investment for most people, inflatable tender boats are becoming an excellent and cost-effective option for most enthusiasts who love to go out and have some adventure out in the water. You can get fully customized inflatable tender boats from one of China’s top leading inflatable tender boat manufacturers: Beetles Outdoor, that provide top quality inflatable tender boats with all the features and other requirements you want in the boat.

The inflatable tender boats are growing in popularity due to the many advantages they provide:


Inflatable tender boats are comparatively cheaper than other types of boats and require very little maintenance as they don’t need fuel to run. They are an ideal choice for those who are just starting with boating and for those who don’t want to spend a big amount of money on a boat that they might use occasionally.


Inflatable tender boats are rigid and provide great stability even at high speeds. This is required to ensure both safety and comfort for those on the boat.


Top inflatable tender boat manufacturers in China make use of the highest quality materials to ensure the durability of the boats. These boats also go through rigorous quality checked before they are marketed.


Perhaps this is one factor that sets apart inflatable tender boats from the rest. Since they can be deflated to small sizes, they take up minimal space and hence can be easily stored or transported without a boat trailer.

With all these advantages inflatable tender boats are fast becoming popular options for many people who love to have fun in the water. If you are looking for the most convenient and safe inflatable tender boats, then you should contact the top leading china inflatable tender boat manufacturers, the Beetles Outdoor. We can provide excellent customized inflatable tender boats as exactly as you or the company desires.

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During the period of home quarantine,  people have less options for sports.

Airtrack brings the convenience for gym/tumbling/martial arts etc…

Airtracks are inflatable tumbling tracks that combine the characteristics of a trampoline, spring floor and foam tumbling mat. The adjustable pressure makes our Airtracks very versatile. A lower pressure let the product feel like a trampoline. A higher pressure gives you a dynamic surface like a spring floor. With just a push on the button you can change your products function fast at any time during your training sessions.
Airtracks are ideal to learn new skills, allowing you to pay more attention to techniques and are used in many sports, especially in gymnastics, martial arts etc. In addition, Airtracks provide great fun making them also perfect for home use, in yard or on water



When there is a valve defective, how to change it?

I believe below video will help you to find out.

The key point is Do not stuck any drop strings to the valve when you put on a new one.

We are clearly aware of that “A chain is only as strong as its weakest link”

Each single point of the procedures is most important to build a perfect products.

How to avoid the Deckpack problems of  peel off、bump up?

We have 2 procedures to ensure the perfect attachment of deck pad.

*Glue the EVA deck pad to the board.

*The board go though EVA Pressure Machine under pressure and heat.