Double Chamber SUP is the innovation of 2019 serials boards.

What are the advantages of the Double Chamber ISUP?

It increases the safety of the board.

It increase the stiffness of the board.

Beetles Outdoor takes Quality as the most importance, it is the thing we repy on to survive.

What are the actions/steps we take during the production procedures to control the quality?

We have to PQC to control the quality after each step.

Below is a simple instructions on what are the Tests/Items we check during the production procedures.


Double Chamber ISUP increases the safety and rigidity of the board.
Each chamber provides about 50% buoyancy of the board, which ensures the safety of the rider when
Anything happens on water.
The second chamber acts like a surrounded and double side wall I-beam structure, which increases
the stiffness significantly.


The Inflatable Stand Up Paddle is made of Drop Stitch Material.

But what is Drop Stitch Material?

Drop Stitch fabric is a 3D material which has numerous threads between the two base cloths. Once get inflated, the threads inside will stand up to hold the base fabrics that can be infalted to rock-hard rigidility. You get hard-shell performance along with the easy transportation and storage.

Drop Stitch fabric SUP boards use the toughest drop-stitch materials in the industry. The sidewalls use two PVC layers specifically manufacturered for superior air holding.

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