Here are 5 reasons for you considering to add inflatable wing foil boards to your product line.

Versatility: Inflatable wing foil boards offer greater versatility compared to hard wing foil boards. They can be easily deflated and packed into a compact size, making them more portable and convenient for transportation and storage. This versatility allows customers to easily bring their inflatable wing foil boards on trip and adventures, expanding their opportunities for water sports enjoyment.

Accessiblity for Beginners: Inflatable wing foil boards are typically more forgiving and beginer-friendly compared to hard boards. The inflatable construction provides added stability and buoyancy, making it easier for beginners to learn and progress in wing foiling. By offering inflatable options, your clients can attract a wider range of customers, including those who are new to the sport and seeking user-friendly equipment.

Durability and Safety: Inflatable Wing foil board are constructed with durable drop stitch PVC material that can withstand impacts and rough handling. The inflatabfle design can absorbs shocks and reduces the risk of injury during falls and collisions. Highlighting the safety features and robustness of inflatable wing foil boards can assure your clients are investing in a reliable and long-lasting products.

Cost-effectiveness: Inflatable wing foil boards typically offer a more cost-effective option compared to their hard board counterparts. it can translate to a more competitive pricing strategy, attracting price-sensitive customers. By including inflatable options in their product line, your clients can capture a broader customer base and potentially increase sales and market share.

Market Demand and Growth Potential: Highlight the growing demand for inflatable wing foil boards in the water sports market. Present market research and trends that demonstrate the increasing popularity of inflatable water sports equipment. By adding inflatable wing foil boards to your products line, your clients can align with this market trend, expand your customer base, and tap into growing demand for versatile, portable and user-friendly water sports equipment.

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Drop stitch is an inventive material, which is often used in inflatable products and it has become highly popular in recent years, particularly widely used in Inflatable SUPs; Kayaks; Wing Foil Boards; Dock Platforms.

Drop stitch is a material that allows inflatable structure to be made with 100% flat surface and thanks to the strings connecting the top and bottom, the inflated parts is very rigid and sturdy.

Nowadays, there are different types of drop stitch material, single layer drop stitch; MSL fusion layer drop stitch; and X-woven MSL drop stitch material.

At Beetles Outdoor, we use the X-woven drop stitch material for the high-end premium board like the inflatable wing foil boards. The benefits of this material is light-weighted but super stiff.

Downwind SUP Foiling involves the board equipped with a hudrofoil plate, the Downwind SUP Foiling capitalizes on the energy generated by the wind and ocean swells or bumps on bigger lakes or ocean to achieve high speed and glide across the water’s surface.

You are not on the water, you are above the water.

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Product diversity: As a supplement to your existing line in order to attract wider range customers.


Portability: Inflatable board is light-weighted and easily deflated making them easy to transport and store.


Durability: Designed with high-quality drop stitch material, they are resistant to scratches, dings and cracks, ensuring a long-lasting investment.


Performance: When inflate up to 15PSI or even higher, the board performs rock-hard offering exceptional performance in stability and maneuverability.


As a surfer, you do not have the luxury of surfing sound waves every day. There are weeks of flatness, as well as periods when there is no wind.

The best thing about inflatable foil board helps to lift you out of the water and reduces all drag.

You only need a slight wave to propel you forward, and the inflatable foil board will carry you much further than a standard surfboard would. In bigger surf, and especially when going downwind, inflatable foil rides can be epic.

The speed you can achieve, even on minor waves, is incredible. Fly through close-out sections and even use your speed to pump to the next wave or breaking section.

To ride a foil surfing board is not only a workout, it is also a exploration journey.

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