Double-chamber inflatable standup paddleboards (ISUPs) have easily become the most popular models of paddleboards. They can be stored in compact spaces, and the double chambers provide extra rigidity than the single chamber ISUPs. This is why many double-chamber ISUP manufacturers in China are starting to diversify their products. To help you select the perfect double-chamber ISUP, we have created the list of top 5 things you should look at when selecting a double-chamber ISUP.

Things to consider when purchasing ISUP

  • Hull shape:

There are two primary hull shapes available: displacement and planing hull. The displacement hull has a pointed V-shaped end on one side, making the ISUP more efficient when paddleboarding. In contrast, the planing hull has a U-shaped end on one side, making the ISUP a little more difficult to manoeuvre. Therefore, if you are a beginner, we recommend the displacement hull.

  • Length:

Any double-chamber ISUP manufacturer in China makes ISUPs in three sizes: short (less than 10 feet), medium (10 to 12 feet) and long (over 12 feet). Short ISUPs are generally ideal for children, and medium ISUPs are ideal for short rides, teenagers, or simple exercises like water yoga. Long ISUPs are ideal for adults who want to paddleboard.

  • Width:

The width of the ISUP depends entirely on your height, weight and flexibility. Furthermore, your body type should also be considered when purchasing an ISUP. Different body types require different widths to accommodate the length and width of the body. If the standard size does not fit you, you can ask a double-chamber ISUP manufacturer in China to customise a product for you.

  • Material:

A wide range of materials has been used to manufacture ISUPs. Furthermore, manufacturers also create multiple models with different thicknesses of the same material to increase the material’s rigidity. Unfortunately, there is no ideal material for an ISUP. Instead, it is recommended to look for materials that are a comfortable fit for you.

  • Fin system:

Many ISUPs have permanent or removable fins. The primary difference between the two is the space they take up in your storage. Both function in the same manner. Therefore, the selection is based on personal preference.

These are the top five things to consider when purchasing an ISUP. There are many models and versions available to choose from. However, if you don’t know where to start, you can start by looking at a reliable ISUP manufacturer. Beetles Outdoor is a double-chamber ISUP manufacturer in China that manufactures high-quality ISUPs. You can find more information about their products on their website.

Whether it is a gymnast, a long jumper, or used by children for fun, an air track mat is a thing to go for. Gymnasts  and long jumpers use it during practice sessions as a safety pad on the floor. Children love these mats and play with them for fun due to their bouncing capacity and safe manufacturing. Air track mats are also very helpful in the medical field as they can act as soft mattresses for patients. To get the best mats, one needs to choose the best China air track mat factory.

What is an air track mat?

Air track mats are inflatable mattresses that are quite famous among the young generation and gymnasts and sports enthusiasts. Many people have resorted to working out at home in the pandemic, and air mats have become the best option for them. Some more advantages of air mats are:-

  1. They offer proper bounce, support, and rebound height to the athletes or gymnastics.
  2. They are much safer and guarantee less risk of injury to the user.
  3. They inflate and deflate very fast and are easy to prepare and use.
  4. After deflation, they can be stored in very small places.
  5. These mats are multi-utility.

How do factories produce these mats?

Air tracks need to be made from a durable and resilient material to provide full support for practising jumps, flips, and somersaults. Military-grade PVC polyester is used in manufacturing due to its high tensile strength. Special stitching techniques using a PVC polyester thread is used to stitch the top and bottom of the mat that increases its durability to a great extent.

This technology provides the necessary sturdiness and stability of air tracks exposed to high pressure and pounding from the practising athletes. Although air tracks are made of robust, high-quality material, they are not undestroyable. These mats are very sensitive to heat and sharp objects so it is advisable to use them with caution.

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We are dedicated to the development and innovation of technology. Years of innovation and dedication to our crafts have led us to bring you the very best design, quality, and serviceable inflatable SUP and other related products in the boating industry in China. We make the best products so that young gymnasts and athletes can practice and follow their passion. So choose Beetles next time and get the best air track mats for your kids or your sports practice.

Inflatable windsurfing boards are ideal for riders looking for a windsurfing board that’s easily transportable. The inflatable windsurf aspect provides a very compact board when deflated where the board, board parts and pump all fit inside a backpack type of bag. This compact aspect is ideal for both transporting and storage purposes.

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There is a whole variety of china air track mat factory options you could choose from. And if that wasn’t enough, each factory manufactures mats in a ton of shapes and sizes.

Moreover, whether you are shopping online or otherwise, the kind of mat you may need depends on how frequently you use it, the kind of regime you practice, and how intense your routine is. So, how can you find your soulmate amongst a whole array of China AirTrack mats?

Your AirTrack Cheat Sheet

  1. Thickness

The thicker your mat, the bouncier it is, which, in turn, would improve your tumbling skills. Also, thicker mats last you longer. If the mat is too thin, certain poses can be hard on your knees and joints. Therefore, typically, your choices in thickness would be between 8-12 inches. A good durable mat will have a thickness of 10 inches or more.

8-inch mats, also referred to as P2 or 20 cm or Zephyr 8, are useful for flipping, bounding, or tumbling training.

  1. Size

Inflatable AirTrack gym mats come in 3m, 4m, 5m, 6m, 8m, 10m, and 15m. Selecting the right mat size depends on two major factors — first, how tall you are, and second, how much padding you want. So, you need to choose a mat according to your body type.

  1. Quality

AirTrack mats are delicate products that require quality material and quality craftsmanship. Choosing a high-quality mat can accommodate long hours of use when you work out at medium intensity.

A good mat doesn’t lose its grip even if it is wet. This depends on the quality of Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) used while making the mat. Moreover, mats made out of good grade EVA are recyclable, thus creating a positive impact on our environment.

Also, it’s best to choose a moisture-resistant mat so that you don’t end up having a rigorous cleaning session after a more rigorous workout regime.

Selecting the wrong product may cause accidents. Therefore, it’s your responsibility as a consumer to look into every manufacturer, reseller, and e-commerce site, so that you can make an educated and informed decision.

You can also look for extra features like handles for easy carrying or a non-skid texture to help you slip.

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During our fitness regimes, a good quality air track mat provides a great experience and enables us to perform our gymnastic movements efficiently. There are plenty of China Airtrack mat factory to make air track products. Therefore, there are several different types and qualities of air tracks in the market. But, one must be careful as many forged products are sold as good quality products to customers.

Air track products are widely used in dance clubs, gyms, performance training and can even be used on the water in summers. Gymnasts use their air track mat to hone basic tumblings like walkovers, handstands, and even cartwheels.

Here are some of the essential features of an air track mat to consider in your factory of choice to know whether that is the right one for you:

  • Dimensions

Before buying an air track, you have to ponder where you will utilize it. You want to ensure it is huge enough for an athlete to rehearse on. Since air track mats are offered in a wide range of dimensions choosing the one that fits your requirements should not be a problem. Air track mats can be anywhere from 2 ft to about 39 ft in height and about 4-8 ft in width.

  • Thickness

An air track that is too delicate won’t give the padding and protection you want if you fall while practicing on it. Likewise, if the air track is too thick, you will be unable to rehearse your moves because the hands or feet will sink into the air track mat.

  • Softness & Surface

Gymnastics includes a lot of running and bouncing; thus, you will want to make sure that it is made of good quality and is not too soft or too hard, which can cause serious damage. Because most airtrack mats mainly function as safety measures, they are generally made using waterproof materials like Polyester or PVC, which hold the mat together and form its physical shape.

  • Body type of the user

It is vital to consider your height and weight while choosing the appropriate air track mat. The length of the hands and feet are critical factors that can affect the landing.

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