So you are a water lover, a recreational enthusiast who loves spending time in the ocean. And now you have got to know about inflatable boats, the perfect solution for your oceanic dreams. Assuming you have searched for every variation and because you are reading this, chances are you are on a hunt for an inflatable tender boat, the ultimate compact solution for adventures like yachting, sailing, fishing, etc.

To be honest, an inflatable tender boat is a great option! It is perfect for all above mentioned recreational activities, and the design makes it even better. That’s a great choice. You are all set to purchase your boat and sail in the ocean but wait, and we recommend you have a look at some pointers before buying that dream inflatable tender boat of yours.

What to look for in an inflatable tender boat before buying?

An inflatable tender boat is all you can ask for a great recreational activity, only if you get the perfect one out there. Meaning, here are our top pointers to look to get yourself the best boat:

Purpose: Inflatable tender boats are great for both recreational as well as emergency activities. For emergencies, it is important to consider the weather conditions and other problems. In such cases, it is important to invest in a quality boat that can sustain extreme conditions.

Cost and durability: Your purpose decides the durability and material of the boat. Commonly these boats are made out of PVC or a Hypalon material, and the first one is great for a short distance while the other one for a longer distance. And hence the cost varies accordingly.

Accessories: Again, depending on the purpose, you can add features that will aid you suitably. You can get a wide range of accessories like wheels, emergency kit, oars, air chambers, etc.

What are the types of inflatable tender boat available?

Now let’s discuss the types of boats available:

Roll-Up Floor:  less expensive, lightweight, and convenient for storage. Good for short trips.

Air Floor: Durability and quality, designed to hold high pressure. Also lightweight and portable, great for tough activities.

These were some brief info that you must know to get yourself the best boat possible, and if you are still confused, you can always contact the professionals.

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Do you love the sea? Are you into water-based sports and recreational activities? If yes, then you should definitely consider investing in an inflatable boat.

Inflatable boats are lightweight boats constructed utilizing flexible tubes comprising pressurized gas. Inflatable boats are the new norm. They are becoming extremely popular, and it is our top pick for any enthusiast.

Why should you invest in an inflatable boat?

For fun and recreational activities today, there are numerous options available in the market, but here’s why we still think nothing can replace an inflatable boat.

Cost-Friendly:- For many enthusiasts having a boat can be a huge investment as compared to having an inflatable tender boat. These inflatable boats are relatively cheaper and need no fuel, hence no maintenance.

Durability:- High-quality inflatable boats go through severe quality checks before reaching out to the public, these boats are quite durable and secure as usually an inflatable boat consists of three different independent air chambers. If by any chance one gets damaged, the remaining will manage.

Stability:- Inflatable boats are rigid and provide perfect stability even at high speeds. The air-filled tubes increase the width of the boat, providing great stability and comfort.

Portability:- Portability is one of the major reasons that sets apart Inflatable boats from the rest. They can be reduced to small sizes and easily stored or transported without a boat trailer.

Versatility:- Inflatable boats are quite versatile, different types of inflatable boats come for different purposes, depending upon a variety of factors.

So, here were our top reasons why Inflatable boats are the best. Now, if you are looking for some brands to get started, we highly recommend Beetles Outdoor. Beetles Outdoor is a leading Double-Chamber ISUP manufacturer in China, a true professional that provides high-quality products and innovation.

Reasons to choose Beetles Outdoor:

Customization:- With Beetles Outdoor, you’ll always love what you receive; they provide the option to customize their products as you desire, maybe with a more extended inflatable tender boat, Double-Chamber ISUP, or anything. You are in control of what you want the manufactures to make for you.

Quality Guarantee:- All the products get 100% tested before shipping to ensure the best quality and functionality.

24/7 Customer Service- You can simply reach out to them and get your queries answered.

Wide Range-  Beetles Outdoor provides you with a wide range of

inflatable boats, customization, and materials to choose from.

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Step into the world of boating industry products manufactured by Beetles Outdoor, which is an expert producer of Inflatable Stand Up Paddle (ISUP); Inflatable Boat (Tender); Inflatable Kayak and related items like Float pad; Dry Bag.

Our mission is to plan and make top-notch items that give the best rowing feeling to the paddler, regardless of for Surf, Paddle, Race, Yoga fishing, or Kayak; We never penance the quality in any cases.

Our wide range of products include

  • ISUP – Inflatable stand up boards are the easiest type of paddleboard to transport or carry on a vacation as they can roll up to the size of a sleeping bag. Our team consists of dedicated professionals who guarantee to provide the best ISUP boards in China.
  • Inflatable floating platform – A floating inflatable dock mat is what you need to do activities like yoga, lake lounging, and many more. We manufacture China’s best air track dock mats, which are UV resistant, durable, and extremely light.
  • Inflatable tender boat – At China’s leading tender boat manufacturers, you would get the best quality boats made from PVC and robust fabric material, which makes them heat resistant, light, comfortable and stable.
  • Float cushion – A really useful and helpful product that is fabricated with EPE foam filling. It is super comfortable and is also used as a lifesaver in emergency conditions.
  • Inflatable kayak – Made with high-quality PVC material by our team of specialized professionals, which makes it highly durable and rigid in all water conditions.

Why opt for Beetles Outdoor

  •  Guaranteed quality: Every product is checked thoroughly before shipping to ensure its quality and functionality.
  • Professionalism: Our trained and experienced professionals are truly dedicated to providing you with the best products.
  • Customization service: We customize your product the way you desire. You will get the best product in every way. We dedicatedly work to ensure that the finest product reaches you.
  • 24/7 customer support: Our team is always ready and available to assist you with any kind of help.

Long stretches of development and commitment to our specialties have driven us to present to you the absolute best plan, quality, and workable inflatable SUP and other related items in the boating business, and that is why we are proud to be one of the leading air track mat factories in China. Our energy is to assist you with following your enthusiasm and never stop your affection for water and cruising, and we appreciate each time you get out there.

To a random observer, all SUP boards look alike. But in fact, there is much more in paddleboards than one can see with a bare eye, and they differ greatly in aspects of their size, shape, weight, and building materials.

It is significant to choose the right board according to your size and shape as well as your ability and fitness level – also, choosing the right board for the type of paddling you are doing (namely, cruising, SUP surfing, touring, SUP yoga, SUP racing, etc.). The type of board you choose also depends on where you are paddling (calm water, open waves), and undoubtedly, budget is also a significant factor to consider.

With so many things to consider, choosing your first SUP board can seem a bit confusing. But it should not be. The most important thing is to get sound advice from someone who knows the sport and can lead you on the appropriate path.

We at Beetles Outdoor are one of the best China SUP Board Manufacturers, and we are ready to serve you with our experience, knowledge, and of course, our infectious enthusiasm for this awesome sport. And we would love to help you choose your first SUP board.

For the same purpose, we’ve lined up some factors you should consider when deciding about which board should you get –

  • Board width and thickness

When you are shopping for a SUP board, the board size is about the dimensions of your body.

Essentially, the board must displace the correct amount of water for your weight and height. For example, a 30-inch wide board is usually a good entry-level option for a lightweight paddler, while a 36-inch wide board would be better for someone weighing above 120kgs. The measurement of SUP Boards is generally done in inches.

The thicker the board, the extra stable it is. The boards are 33 inches wide, and especially for beginners or people with impaired flexibility or injury, we usually recommend a board that is a minimum of 30-inches wide. In comparison, racing and touring boards are narrower.

  • Board length

Board length affects various aspects, such as speed, mobility, balance, and stability. The longer the board, the bigger the glide, and the rapid the speed.

According to us, flexible all-around is suitable for beginners and moderate paddleboarders, but if you’re into anything more daunting and intense, you might prefer a longer tour paddleboard with a pointed nose.

Always keep in mind, when selecting a board, you will need to consider practical factors such as transport, storage, easy access to water, etc.

  • Board construction

The SUP board has come a long way in recent years, and manufacturing techniques and materials vary widely. The boards can be solid or inflatable and are manufactured from a variety of materials, including epoxy fiberglass, carbon fiber, PVC, and most have an EPS foam core. The texture of a board’s surface also varies as per the materials used, boards have a deck pad fitted for comfort and grip.

In the end, we would like to say that after you’re done choosing the right kind of board you’re looking for, we are here to provide it to you. We at Beetles Outdoor, being the leading China SUP Board Manufacturers, strive to provide you with premium quality, lightweight, durable, and rigid SUP Boards with 24/7 customer support. Additionally, in case you have any special requirements or want to make alterations to the board, we also offer the facility of customized SUP Boards.

Want more glide? Cover more distance and catch more waves with greater ease? Perhaps you are looking for top-performing SUP boards that allow making the most of the time when on the water.

At Beetle Outdoors, we offer a wide selection of inflatable SUP boards in China. But better yet, we offer customization services that allow you to get the best products you desire. The progression in your SUP inflatables will no doubt be great and you will cross the limits of your current boards. Whether it’s for racing or simply touring experience, being the leading SUP manufacturer in China, you are guaranteed to get Inflatable SUP that is built of quality material and efficient and high-performing.

The latest SUP Boards

The inflatable SUP with window is one of the latest SUP boards available in China, and swiftly rising in popularity in the world.

The SUP inflatables with windows, open a whole new world. The transparent window incorporated in the board make it experience on the water even more fun. It allows the users to look underneath the choppy surface of the water to see coral reefs, fishes, and more.

While this looks fun, these broads also perform a fantastic job in the water. It’s worth remembering that we have to make compromises on every board so that they deliver a particular ride. The SUP inflatables with window, by Beetles Outdoors, offers the least compromise in all areas. The broads don’t work just for one thing, they can be used for many purposes: surfing, racing, and many more.

The inflatable SUPs are also super durable. These high-quality inflatables are made using high-grade PVC and enhanced with drop-stitch technology, for extra firmness. They are rigid, lightweight, and very durable. As the leading SUP with a window manufacturer in China, we strive to provide Inflatable SUP that is meant to last for a long time.

If this board looks like the one you are searching for, feel free to contact the manufacture at Beetle Outdoors. If you wish for a little chance or adding something extra to the inflatable SUP boards, no worries, we will get it customized for you.

Call to learn more about our services and the benefits you can avail from the leading SUP manufacturer in China.