Airtracks are inflatable tumbling tracks that combine the characteristics of a trampoline, spring floor and foam tumbling mat. The adjustable pressure makes our Airtracks very versatile. A lower pressure let the product feel like a trampoline. A higher pressure gives you a dynamic surface like a spring floor. With just a push on the button you can change your products function fast at any time during your training sessions.
Airtracks are ideal to learn new skills, allowing you to pay more attention to techniques and are used in many sports, especially in gymnastics, martial arts etc. In addition, Airtracks provide great fun making them also perfect for home use, in yard or on water

Material Double wall drop stitch
Reinforced layer PVC coated fabric
Handle Comfortable Carrying handle
D-ring one on the tail for a leash, 4 on the deck for carrying kits.
Valves Professional Valves for drop stitch material
Repairing kits Glue & fabric
Carrying bag Easy handling back pack
Pump Hand pump with gauge

Foot pump

Electric pump


1.Made of high density double wall drop stitch material

2.Smaller, lighter, cheaper and more durable

3.Inflating and deflating can be easily done

4.Can be used at home/in yard/ on water and float naturally on a pool like a floating mat

5.Customized size and color

6.Silk printing logo

7.Low MOQ

Contact us for OEM/ODM orders.

  • Fast Inflate

  • Portable and small in storage

  • Easy adjust the pressure to your preference

  • Suitable for any gym