Best Inflatable Floating Platform

Beetles Outdoor is one of the top professional inflatable floating platforms manufactures in China. We design and manufacture best inflatable floating platforms that provide a rigid ground for a floating base at a favorite water spot.

Best Features

● Attached with a comfortable grab handle on the paddle board for easy handling and transporting the board.
● Thick rails to improve the stability of the boat by increasing the volume along the rails.
● Exceptionally strong and well suited deflate/inflate port with high pressure pumps to connect to HR valves.
● High Pressure/High Volume Pump of easy and quick inflation.

Product Description:

The inflatable floating platforms transform the swim deck into a luxurious swim platform. They are designed to immediately provide additional space to the sailboat, dock, or yacht, providing stylish beach landing or a fashionable extension to your boat. Inflatable floating platforms the perfect lounging, relaxing, and swimming relaxing inflatable platform.

The inflatable floating platforms can be attached anywhere around the boat or anchor it. This will give enough room for everyone to enjoy the water and sunbathe.

The inflatable floating platforms are meant for both sports and recreational purposes. , Its fast-inflation, PVC coated, anti-slip EVA deck and extra-toughness make it the perfect floating platforms for different purposes. The inflatable floating platforms come with attached huge stainless steel D-rings for anchoring, tying, or built-in water anchors to increase its stability.

Construction Premium Double wall drop stitch
Size Customized
Color Customized
Reinforced layer PVC coated fabric
Anti skip pad Super soft EVA, UV resistant,prevents from slipping
Handle Comfortable Carrying handle
D-ring one on the tail for a leash, 4 on the deck for carrying kits.
Valves Professional Valves for drop stitch material
Repairing kits Glue & fabric
Carrying bag Easy handling back pack
Hand pump Hand pump with gauge

We customize Inflatable Floating Platform for you:

Beetles Outdoor provides customization options. We manufacture inflatable floating platforms that are designed and made using the most advanced technology material. Share your requirements for inflatable floating platforms. We can customize the inflatable floating platforms as per your requirements. Whether it’s dimension, design, color, quality, or and requirement. We can customize, manufacture, and deliver inflatable floating platforms as exactly as they are ordered.

We customize as per your requirements.

  1. Made of high density double wall drop stitch cloth
  2. Smaller, lighter, cheaper and more durable
  3. Inflating and deflating can be easily done
  4. Can be used on water and float naturally on a pool like a floating mat
  5. Customized size and color
  6. Silk printing logo
  7. Low MOQ

Make your Order

Beetles Outdoor manufactures one of the best customized inflatable floating platforms in china. Simple share customization needs and requirements expected from the inflatable floating platforms. We will then work with shared ideas and manufacture inflatable floating platforms as per the order, and have them delivered in a quick time.
Contact us for OEM/ODM orders.