Inflatable Tender Boat

Your Search For The Perfect Inflatable Tender Boat Is Here!

Beetles Outdoor is a professional inflatable tender boat manufacturer in China. We have been constantly striving to improve our inflatable tender boats production, and are very proud of our achievements. Our tenders combine advanced technical features, great design, and rugged durability so you can confidently sail it and have the experience of a lifetime.

Perfect for Recreational Activities

Our inflatable tender boats are made to have great recreational experiences. They are the perfect compact solution for yachting, sailing, and fishing. People who are interested in such activities will always find interesting use of the inflatable tender boats. The large user capacity provides ease of use and overall cruise comfort.

Free from the fuss for proper storage

Save yourself from getting an expensive inflatable tender boat that requires extreme care. Our inflatable tender boats require minimal maintenance and will always get to proper shape when you intend to use it. Thus making every sailing activities easy and enjoyable.

Better Design

At Beetles Outdoor we look at all aspects of the boat and thoroughly study the possibilities of how the boat might be used. Our inflatable tender boats are designed to have more spacious, to make getting in and out easier. The floors are made of DropStitch- a technology that allows the floor to remain rigid and stable during getting in and out periods. Our inflatable tender boats are also made using special PVC fabric 1100 decitex, which is 0.9 mm thick. This makes the boats highly resistant to UV, abrasion, and early decay.

We customize for you

Yes, that right! We design and construct inflatable tender boats that fit the aesthetic and functional purpose of the boat according to our client’s requirements. Our goal is to provide our clients with the most practical option to enjoy their recreational activities and promote the emotional and physical benefits they can achieve during these activities.

We Customize the tender boat as per your requirements.


  • Premium PVC material available for inflatable tenders
  • Good proportions – Great stability
  • Competitive pricing

The TENDER are equipped with an inflatable floor made of DropStitch. Technology that allows to obtain a very rigid floor and thus to ensure excellent stability during the loading and unloading phases. It will bring more stability in navigation and a higher load capacity compared to slatted floor models.

The Tender are made of PVC fabric 1100 decitex 0.9 mm thick which makes them highly resistant to UV and abrasion.

The diameter of the flanges ensures great stability to this Tender .

Package contents and Specification

Boat attachment delivered with 1 wooden seat, 2 aluminum oars, 1 Foot Pump 1 repair kit, 1 storage bag.

Specification S230 S250 S270
Overall Length 230CM 248CM 270CM
Overall Width 126CM 132CM 144CM
Inner Length 150CM 155CM 175CM
Inside Width 60CM 62CM 64CM
Weight 22.3KGS 25.2KGS 28.3KG
Recommended Power 4HP 5HP 6HP
Maximum Power 4HP 5HP 8HP
Max. No. of Passengers 2 3 3 Adult+1 Kid
No. of Compartments 2+1 3+1 3+1
Float Diameter 33CM 35CM 40CM
Max. Load 260KG 319KG 452KG
Folded Dimension 106*51*31CM 111*53*101CM 111*53*101
Max. Engine Power 4-10HP 4-10HP 4-10HP

Your One-stop for customized Inflatable tender boat

Beetles Outdoor should be your one-stop-shop for getting customized Inflatable tender boat. We will completely customize your boat the way you want it. From the size and dimension to the installation of chocks and accessories.

Getting your inflatable tender boat customized from one of the most professional inflatable tender boat manufacturers in China, you can rest assured to experience the highest standards of boat sailing that let you enjoy every moment on the water.

Get your Inflatable tender boat today. Feel hassle-free to contact us if you have any queries or if you want to discuss your inflatable tender boat customization.