Floating dock island mats are designed to use in open water bodies. It is a floating platform that has an abundance of uses. They are used for commercial and industrial applications, including the food and beverage industry, entertainment, construction, and marine trade. Select the best China floating dock island mats manufacturer.

Why do we need floating dock island mats in the vacation?

Floating dock island mats are used to expand the patio of the boat, make a swimming platform, or keep the kayak safe in the water body. They are not like real rock , but easy to place wherever needed and easy to assemble. Read the following words to know about floating dock island mats well and take your waterport’s  experience to a higher level. These docks are used for fishing, doing floating yoga, or other activities that can fit.

Following are some of the points to note when buying a floating dock island mat.

  • Size of the floating dock island mat

The size of floating dock island mats is selected based on the uses, activities, and members. The length and width of floating dock island mats are more important. Floating dock island mats with more height will give you more stability. Size should meet the intended use. For yoga, it must be large and stable. If you are using a floating dock island mat for group fun, it must be bigger to occupy all.

  • Material quality and durability

China Floating dock island mats manufacturers should make them rigid and durable. The material decides how long they last. Floating dock island mats should be made from heavy-duty PVC material and reinforced with padding on top for extra strength. The top should be UV-resistant and should have a finished anti-slip coating. It will make floating dock island mats safer. EVA foam padding adds more comfort on top. Inflating docks are faster and easier to use than others. The size of the air chambers and valves used are the reason.

It is more important to select a manufacturer who guarantees to provide the best performing floating dock island mats that remain stable and comfortable in all water bodies. Beetles Outdoor is China’s best floating dock island mats manufacturer delivering high-quality products with quality padding to give comfort with a 1-year warranty. A top-performing inflatable floating platform, float cushion, inflatable kayak are some products that Beetles Outdoor handles.

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The wave of water-based activities made inflatable tender boats more popular in China. These boats are commonly used as lifeboats or for creative activities purposes. Inflatable tender boats are modernized with updated features. So they are a cost-friendly and convenient option while compared with other boats. Inflatable tender boats are flexible and lightweight and made of synthetic rubber or plastic. Buying the correct one from China’s best inflatable tender boat manufacturer ensures performance and durability.

Points to be noted when buying inflatable tender boats

Following are some points to be noted when buying inflatable tender boats.

  • Design of the Inflatable tender boats

Inflatable tender boats are two types based on the design. They are with keels and without keels. A keel is a metal structure that is present on the boat base. It supports the framework of an inflatable tender boat and increases its stability. A keel increases the performance and versatility by cutting through the water easily. An inflatable tender boat without keels is easily portable, simple to inflate, and store.

  • Type of the fabric

PVC material inflatable tender boats are less expensive. They are affordable, lightweight, and portable. PVC inflatable tender boats have a short life cycle because they are not resistant to the effects of high temperatures, chemicals, and ultraviolet rays. Hypalon material inflatable tender boats provide resistance to abrasion. They are resistant to extreme temperature and ultraviolet rays. Hypalon material inflatable tender boats are lightweight, portable, and folded easily after use.

  • Type of the floor

The roll-up type floor is made of aluminum or wood slats. These types of floors are present in inflatable tender boats without keels. They are less expensive but not rigid or durable. Inflatable tender boats with hard flooring can handle rough currents and waves. These boats are costly.

Inflatable tender boats that are air-filled are popular in recent times. These boats are lightweight and have high speed. They have high directional stability but are not ideal for rough waters due to their lightweight.

Self-bailing floors have carefully placed holes on the sides through water exiting the boat. These boats are helpful in white-water rafting, where water enters the boat.

Material type, design, or floor type matter, and the manufacturer plays a key role. Beetles Outdoor is China’s best inflatable tender boats manufacturer delivering high-quality products with quality with a 1-year warranty. Top-performing Inflatable tender boats, float cushions, inflatable kayaks are some products that Beetles Outdoor handles.

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If you’ve seen people kayaking and thought it looked fun, you should try it for yourself. That’ll make it even more fun. But where should you begin when you have so many options?

Thanks to dramatic technological developments in recent years, inflatable kayaks are more than pool toys.

Inflatables are now available in a wide range of styles to suit many different types of water activities, from ponds to the ocean and many more. Here is a list of kayak styles you may wish to consider:

  • Self-bailing kayak
  • Sit inside kayak
  • Canoe style kayak
  • Stand up paddleboard
  • Fish-tailing
  • Sit on top kayak
  • Packrafts

When choosing an inflatable, what factors should you consider?

When choosing an Inflatable Kayak manufacturer in China, you should consider several factors. Here are some things to consider:

  • Paddling ability: You need to decide if you prefer to paddle solo or with another person, or do you want both options.
  • Water conditions: You should consider the types of water conditions you can usually encounter, for example, ocean, coastal, calm lakes, swells, whitewater, surf, moving rivers, etc.
  • Size and height: It is crucial to determine how much weight you will need or how many paddlers and gear the kayak can carry. It should be compared with the carrying capacity of the kayak.
  • Paddling gear storage: It is best to choose something that has numerous storage options or with attachment options where the top front and rear of the kayak can be attached with storage bags.
  • Weight & length of kayak: Comparing the kayak’s weight in the carrying case with the weight of a pack or bag with different weights can help you determine which situation you should try to be in.
  • Paddling type: A canoe-type paddle or enclosed kayak depends on personal preference, paddling conditions, and other factors you will come across.
  • Weather type: A kayak with a spray skirt option may be best for paddling in stormy weather or during the winter. If you plan to paddle in a lot of sun, you might want an enclosed kayak.
  • Kayak setting up: Consider whether you want an easy-to-use kayak or one that requires more effort. A simple pumping of the chambers allows most inflatables to be set up within five or ten minutes.

By considering the above points, you’ll have a much better idea of what type of Inflatable Kayak manufacturer in China to look for. Feel free to contact Beetles Outdoor if you still have questions.


With a variety of new ways to get on the water, paddling is gradually becoming more popular and attracting more adventurers. It might be one of the best things you do for yourself at a lakeside is to own a packable kayak.

Choosing an inflatable kayak that best suits your needs is the first step in choosing the kayak. For someone who does not yet know what brands, makes, and models are available, there are a lot to choose from.

How Can You Choose the Best Inflatable Kayak?

You can choose the ideal kayak by using the following pointers.

  • Price: Inflatable kayaks can be very pricey; you get what you pay for. Although the less expensive models may not provide you with as much enjoyment or last as long as the more expensive ones, they are still very useful and can certainly last for many years.


  • Size: You can choose any size that meets your needs. With many kayaks, you can have more flexibility and more space. Perhaps though, you would prefer a smaller and more portable model that you can take anywhere.


  • Sole or tandem: The ease of using a solo kayak is appealing to solo paddlers, as these kayaks are lighter, easier to carry, plus they inflate much faster. Tandems that convert to solos are another good option for anyone who wants both.


  • Warranty period: There’s no doubt that warranties are important. Several of the less expensive models only cover six months to 1-year warranty


  • For travel: You can carry an inflatable kayak almost anywhere, and it is very portable, compact, and easy to take with you. When traveling, choose the lightest and smallest kayak available.

Doing the research pays off when you eventually find the kayak that perfectly suits your needs. Do not hesitate to contact Beetles Outdoor if you are looking for China Inflatable kayak boat manufacturers.

A perfect vacation means that everything you do, buy, or receive during the holiday should be perfect. The hotel you stay at should be perfect, the places you visit should be perfect, and the fun you have during the vacation should be perfect!

If you are visiting a beach or a cruise for your vacation, you must have a floating dock island mat with you! Of course, you need other safety equipment like a life jacket, but you must get in touch with a China floating dock island mat manufacturer to grab the best pieces available!

Why get a floating dock island mat?

A floating dock island mat reduces your worries and increases the fun you can have during your vacation and has many other benefits that give you a reason to buy it:

  • Suitable for children

If you have young children and are worried about their safety when they request to go towards the ocean all by themselves, you may not want them to go because of their age. But, with a floating dock island mat, you need not worry about their safety! The kids can stay on top of the floating dock island mat and enjoy the gentle waves of the ocean!

  • No sudden movements or shocks

Compared to a stationary dock, a floating dock island mat adapts to the nature of the waves quicker. A stationary dock may sink if the waves are high, but a floating dock island mat will gently float over the high tides, keeping the people safe.

  • Various designs to choose from

If you are looking for various designs and ideas, a floating dock island mat is the right choice for you. You can find floating dock island mats with different patterns and designs to suit your personal needs. Also, they take up minimal space when you deflate it so that you can store it anywhere easily.

  • Easy inflation and installation

You need not use heavy equipment and gadgets to install a floating dock island mat. All you have to do is to inflate it with a pump and viola! Your floating dock island mat is ready to hop on!

After understanding all the benefits of a floating dock island mat, you must try the product on your next vacation!  To buy one, you should find a credible and experienced China floating dock island mat manufacturer because the mat’s durability will guarantee your safety.  Contact Beetles to get durable and long-lasting floating dock island mats at affordable rates.